Ella Fitzgerald Bronze Portrait Bust

In Collaboration with the Ella Fitzgerald Charity Foundation and Partners Square Rock Publishers LTD

Life- size Bronze Ltd; Edition of 12



In my capacity as the representative of the Ella Fitzgerald Charitable Foundation, we are proud to endorse the officially licensed Ella Fitzgerald bronze busts, sculpted by renowned artist and sculptor, Laura Lian, in collaboration with Square Rock, Ltd., a media group based in London. Liam’s recognition in the field is most attributed to her portrait art, paintings and commemorative memorials, and her artistic experience serves as the perfect mode for remembering Ella Fitzgerald and the melodic impact she left on each and every one of us. The final artwork of this collaboration is a beautiful portrayal of Ella’s legacy and timelessness; we are very pleasedwith the art.

It has been a pleasure working with Square Rock, Ltd. and I would like to extend our thanks for the time and effort put into ensuring these limited editions are true to Ella’s memory. The Ella Fitzgerald Charitable Foundation supports the bronze sculpture project and we present it to you for your consideration.


Fran Morris Rosman
Executive Co-Director

The Ella Fitzgerald Charitable Foundation